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Air Jordan 2 Buyers Guide

Air Jordan 2 Buyers Guide
Air Jordan 2 Buyers Guide

Air Jordan 2 history and background.

Michael Jordan Wearing A Customized Version Of The Air Jordan 2 OG
Michael Jordan Wearing A Customized Version Of The Air Jordan 2 OG

A sequel is usually hard to pull off. While it does work in the movies, sometimes, it has actually worked very well in the world of sneakers. With that being said, Nike looked to continue to elevate its line of basketball sneakers after their signature athlete, Michael Jordan, became an instant star on-and-off the court. Next up, the Air Jordan 2.

The Air Jordan 2 was originally released to coincide with the 1986-87 NBA season. Designed by the legendary duo of Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore, the sneaker was unlike anything we had seen prior. Made in Italy, the AJ 2 featured high quality leather, paired with faux lizard skin, and the biggest surprise of them all, no Nike Swoosh logo. The Swoosh gave way to the Air Jordan Wings logo, which debuted on the Air Jordan 1. Even though it was a Nike shoe, the designers wanted you to know that this sneaker is a Nike Air Jordan. The Air Jordan 2 would also be the final Air Jordan signature shoe both Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore would help design back then, as another legend, Tinker Hatfield would get the nod to design the Air Jordan 3, and the rest is history.

Only two colorways were originally released for the Air Jordan 2, one in white/black and the other, white/red. This is the only Air Jordan to be released in such a small number of colorways. Four Air Jordan 2s dropped from 1986-87, two high-top and two-low top; both cuts came in the colorways mentioned above. The high-tops originally retailed for $100, a significant price increase from the $65 Air Jordan 1 that eventually hit clearance racks for as low as $20. Adding to its elegance, the AJ 2 came in special packaging, reimagined by the likes of Virgil Abloh and A Ma Maniere in recent years.

Going back to sequels, the Air Jordan 2 is one of the most underrated sneakers of all-time. Is it because it wasn’t designed by Tinker Hatfield? This could have been the case for many years, but with the Air Jordan 1 being one of the most popular shoes of this new generation, we can’t argue that statement anymore. For better or worse, the AJ 2 has a love/hate relationship with sneakerheads, and is often pushed by the wayside for more popular silhouettes. But if you really look at it, the Air Jordan 2 is a solid piece of footwear and a unique part of sneaker history.

If you’re a part of the group that digs the Air Jordan 2, you’re in luck as the Sole Retriever Air Jordan 2 Buyers Guide should answer all the questions you have about the AJ 2.

Did Michael Jordan wear the Air Jordan 2?

Michael Jordan Wearing The Air Jordan 2 OG
Michael Jordan Wearing The Air Jordan 2 OG

Michael Jordan graced the court of the 1986-87 NBA season wearing the Air Jordan 2. He rocked both the white/black and white/red colorways, high-top and low-top. Other NBA players such as Carmelo Anthony, Mike Bibby, DeMarcus Cousins, PJ Tucker, Ray Allen, and more, have all worn the Air Jordan 2 Retro on-court during different times in their career. When the Air Jordan 2 was first re-released in 1995, actors Bill Murray and Jack Black laced them up on the silver screen for the films Space Jam and The Cable Guy. The AJ 2 was even worn in-ring by former WWE superstar Shane McMahon.

When did the Air Jordan 2 release?

The Air Jordan 2 was originally released in 1986-87 with the white/black colorway kicking things off. It was re-released for the first time in 1995 during a short-lived retro series that also included the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 3, while Michael Jordan was in his first retirement from the NBA, pursuing a career in professional baseball. It wouldn’t be until 2004 that the Air Jordan 2 would get its first actual retro run as years prior, the original molds for the AJ 2 were lost and/or broken and due to this, the sneaker almost never returned. We got a Nu’ Retro Air Jordan 2 in 2003 as a consolation prize. Thankfully, JB was able to bring the AJ 2 back in its regular form in 2004, as well as numerous other times throughout the past 15+ years.

What are the best Air Jordan 2 colorways?

As is commonplace with Air Jordans, original colorways are usually the most popular and coveted. This remains true with half of the original Air Jordan 2s, as the white/black colorway has always been more coveted than the white/red. In more recent years, collabs have been the most popular Air Jordan 2 colorways over GRs. Pairs like Don C’s “Bright Blue” and “Beach,” Off-White’s duo of lows in “White” and “Black,” Eminem’s “The Way I Am,” and, the A Ma Maniere. Other pairs that get honorable mentions are: “Doernbecher,” “Alternate,”Bin23,” the “Candy” Pack in "Green," "Red," and "Yellow," and Union’s “Grey Fog” and “Rattan.”

While it is not commonplace to see the Air Jordan 2 in the streets, you will see some of the most recent releases on-feet lately, like the Off-White, A Ma Maniere, and Union collabs. With plenty of GR Air Jordan 2 Retros set to release in Holiday 2022 and well into 2023, we will hopefully see this trend change. If you want to stay on top of the releases, including the return of the OG white/black colorway, give us a follow on Twitter and download the Sole Retriever mobile app.

What material is the Air Jordan 2 made of?

Air Jordan 2 Original Sketch
Air Jordan 2 Original Sketch

The Air Jordan 2 was originally made in Italy, using premium leathers and faux lizard skin. When retroed, traditional leather has been the most commonly used material, alongside the faux lizard skin. Other materials such as nubuck, suede, and patent leather have made their way onto the AJ 2 as well, on pairs such as the “Chrome,” “A Ma Maniere,” and “Silver Anniversary.

How does the Air Jordan 2 fit?

The Air Jordan 2 fits true to size. While it does feature a little more wideness in the base, we still recommend going TTS if you’re looking to wear the AJ 2. If you don’t have wide feet, you might be able to get away with going a half size down, but only do that as a last resort. If possible, try on a pair before purchasing to be sure you’re getting the correct size.

How much do Air Jordan 2’s cost?

While the original Air Jordan 2 retailed for $100, it featured a small price bump to $110 when it returned in 2004. During its run in 2010, it retailed for $135 and then $150 in 2014. Outside of limited releases that currently retail for anywhere from $200 to $300, like the upcoming J. Balvin collab, the price of GR Air Jordan 2’s is set at $175 for highs, and $150 for lows.

Where do I buy Air Jordan 2’s?

Most general release Air Jordan 2 Retros can be found on release day via Nike, the SNKRS app, and select retailers worldwide, from chain stores, to boutiques, to mom and pop shops. While limited edition colorways like the “Maison Chateau Rogue,” “Union,” and “A Ma Maniere” are harder to come by, some pairs like the Nina Chanel Abney high and low could be found in-store at select retailers, so it doesn’t hurt to physically check out your local sneaker spot from time-to-time.

With the Air Jordan 2 Retro comeback now in full effect, we’ve got you covered through our Twitter and Mobile App where we’ll alert you on upcoming releases, raffles, and more for the latest Air Jordan 2 releases.

What’s the hot take?

Air Jordan 2 OG (1995 release)
Air Jordan 2 OG (1995 release)

Arguably the most underrated sneaker of all-time, the Air Jordan 2 is one of the most comfortable and easy to wear pairs. With its popularity on the rise, expect to see more and more Air Jordan 2s in the wild. For the best chance to secure a pair in your size, keep it locked to our Twitter and download the Sole Retriever mobile app. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the latest news, release info, and raffles for the Air Jordan 2 and more in the sneaker and streetwear world!

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