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New Balance Reconsidered Allows You to Buy and Trade Used Sneakers

New Balance Reconsidered
New Balance Reconsidered

Sustainability in the footwear industry has been a hot topic, with every major brand introducing methods to combat climate change. On the heels of Nike closing its online refurbished program, New Balance has unveiled its "Reconsidered" program, marking a significant stride in the footwear industry's journey toward environmental responsibility. This initiative challenges the conventional lifecycle of footwear and offers consumers a unique opportunity to engage in the circular economy directly.

Reconsidered allows New Balance customers to shop for pre-owned shoes directly from the brand's website. This collection includes shoes returned by consumers or bearing cosmetic imperfections, preventing them from being sold as new. However, these shoes are not just offloaded as-is; they undergo necessary cleaning processes to ensure they meet the quality standards expected of New Balance products. Pairs are then graded on a three-tier scale: Like New, Excellent, and Good.

What sets Reconsidered apart is its trade-in feature. Customers can now mail back their gently worn New Balance sneakers or drop them off at select retail locations. In return, they receive a voucher, the value of which varies depending on the seasonality and condition of the traded-in footwear. This voucher can then be used for future purchases on newbalance.com, promoting a cycle of reuse that benefits both the consumer and the environment. However, users online have pointed to the low prices offered and have been comparing them to GameStop, which is notorious for its unreasonably low offers on trade-ins. It's also important to note that New Balance's site states, "We do not return items if they are not accepted," so be sure you follow the program's rules, which are spelled out here.

John Stokes, New Balance's Director of Sustainability, emphasized the footwear industry's critical environmental challenges, particularly concerning product waste. "Launching Reconsidered," Stokes explained, "is our way of extending the life of our products and maximizing the value of what's already been created, thus addressing the issue of products ending up in landfills."

Beyond Reconsidered, New Balance is committed to broader sustainability goals. These include achieving emissions reduction targets in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), transitioning to 100% renewable electricity in owned operations by 2025, sourcing lower-impact materials, opting for lower carbon transportation methods, and advocating for stronger climate policies.

New Balance Reconsidered is now accessible to U.S. customers through its dedicated website, www.newbalancereconsidered.com. The in-store trade-in option is set to undergo a pilot phase across eight retail locations, with plans to expand across more stores throughout the year. Download the Sole Retriever mobile app for more updates on the latest happenings in sneakers, streetwear, and more.

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