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Founded in 2016, MSCHF is a Brooklyn-based American art collective that is known for its viral marketing campaigns. MSCHF’s Jesus Shoes were the first sneaker to launch in 2018 and since then the company has collaborated with the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Lil Nas X, and other celebs. Find MSCHF's Big Red Boots, Gobstompers, and Super Normal Sneakers here!

MSCHF (pronounced "mischief") is an internet-age phenomenon founded in 2016 by Gabriel Whaley and his intrepid team in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. MSCHF specializes in viral products that stir conversation and challenge the status quo. One of the standout categories where MSCHF has had a particular influence is in footwear. Their journey in this industry started with a bang. In 2018, they released their first controversial sneaker, the infamous "Jesus Shoes." Two years later they did another provocative remix of the Nike Air Max 97s, with the release of the Satan Shoes. Collaborating with Lil Nas X, only 666 pairs were produced - a nod to the devilish theme. They sold out almost instantly, despite (or perhaps due to) the controversy surrounding them. Each pair was said to contain a drop of human blood, mixed into the sole with red ink, adding another level of controversy to the already contentious concept. With these bold and polarizing products, MSCHF quickly established a reputation for audacity, innovation, and a commitment to shock value.

In one of their most audacious ventures yet, MSCHF unveiled 2023's "Big Red," a colossal boot that challenged the conventions of footwear design. MSCHF's Big Red is essentially a gigantic red boot, unisex, and designed in a size that is comically outsized. The boot is crafted with premium materials and intricate detailing that mocks traditional footwear norms, delivering an over-the-top aesthetic that is, quite literally, larger than life. This humorous and ironic approach to product design highlights MSCHF's commitment to creating items that challenge and redefine consumer culture.

In essence, MSCHF is not just a company but a movement – a collective that refuses to be bound by the conventions of traditional design or marketing. Through their provocative footwear releases, they have set a new standard for creativity and audacity, creating products that defy expectation and convention, capturing the attention and imagination of the world in the process. Find upcoming MSCHF sneaker releases and news right here on Sole Retriever!

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