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August 31, 2022
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Prices Are Going Up Next Quarter On Nike Dunk Models

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Another price increase is hitting the Nike Dunk silhouette in 2022.

Price Increase For The Nike Dunk Model

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the financial health of the world has taken a hit. Inflation is at an all-time high across the board including food, gas, and home prices. Sneakers fall under this umbrella as the cost to ship and manufacture products is slowly creeping up and consumers are the ones who have to eat this cost. Just earlier this year, Nike raised prices across the board on plenty of staple silhouettes like the AF1, which actually has seen two price increases thus far and now retails for $20 more than it did this time last year. The Dunk, arguably the hottest model from The Swoosh, was a part of this price hike, but now it seems they are joining the AF1 with prices going up another $10 for every model, $120 for the low-top, $135 for the high-top, and an extra $10 for SE releases, at the start of the next financial quarter.

This falls in line with the aforementioned price hikes throughout the year, though it is troublesome that many can see the quality of Dunk models has decreased since their resurgence just a few years back when the retail was only $100 for low tops and $110 for high tops. While this may look like corporate greed, at the end of the day, Nike has to appease its stockholders if they want to continue to grow and maintain its top position in the sneaker industry’s ever-expanding environment.

Thankfully, for releases up to October 1st, prices will remain unchanged. It is an unfortunate fact of life that as time goes on, prices will increase across the board for staple products and “luxury” items like the sneakers we so desperately chase. To stay updated on the latest news in the sneaker industry, including upcoming releases, keep it locked to our Twitter and the Sole Retriever mobile app.

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