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End - Raffle Review

END is a UK based menswear retailer with physical locations in London, Newcastle and Glasgow. Currently known for their ‘easy to enter’ and bespoke raffling solution, today we are going to dive into END’s dedicated raffle system and look at the good and bad!

Ease of entry 5/5

Launches SiteEND’s dedicated launches section of their website is very well designed with clear photos and descriptions of the shoes that currently have raffles open, making finding the shoe you want to enter for very easy. Once you have found the shoe you want there is quite a lot of waffle, usually a very generous selection of images which is nice as these are taken by END and not the usual generic press photos a lot of retailers use. But the press description of the shoes and the various quotes does mean that you have to do a bit of scrolling to get down the page to actually enter the raffle. This is probably for SEO purposes to get the shoe names on the page as much as possible so it goes up in the google rankings.

To enter the END raffle you must have an account with END which then makes coming back for entering different shoes very easy with your address and payment info saved. Making It as simple as signing in, choosing your size and pressing submit, you can probably have this all done in under 30 seconds. One thing that I do like is that you can cancel your entry, this is great in case you win the shoe elsewhere before the END raffle closes or for any other reason you no longer want the shoe. As END take payment details you are automatically charged if and when you win and you cannot cancel beyond this point but END does not take the money or authorise the charge upon entry only if you actually win.

In-StoreEND will also typically offer in-store raffles at their various retail brick and mortar locations which obviously increases your odds with a smaller pool being available. But sometimes END will offer a FCFS release which if you are London based has been very poorly run with fights breaking out and line pushers which have resulted in END London no longer holding FCFS releases until further notice. From what I have been told the Glasgow and Newcastle FCFS releases are usually very civil.

The Odds 1/5

The majority of raffles that END hold offer worldwide shipping which is both a pro and a con. For those in countries with no major sneaker stores or none near them that offer shipping have a WW postage option is great enabling more people to get opportunities to get sneakers. But naturally this means the odds of winning are typically extremely low.

Views on bots/ re-selling -

By nature END are trying to negate the use of bots by needing individual accounts so this mostly stops mass entry but this does not mean you are not able to enter multiple times manually or through the use of scripts which would need a huge database of addresses and accounts. END do say one entry per person but by getting family or friends to enter on your behalf you can rank up your odds of winning (just remember END auto charge if you win so be ready to transfer money to your friend once they see money has come out of their account). In terms of individually entering multiple times you can use the same payment method on two accounts meaning you wont have to find a new payment method for each new account you make, you can also slightly change the layout of your address each time to draw less attention to your account for multiple entries. But to be a bit safer using other addresses would be advised if possible either neighbours you’re friendly with, friends or family members would all be great options. In terms of END’s attitude to re-selling they appear to have no public opinions or try to stop people re-selling and with in-store collections don’t make people wear or un-deadstock shoes.

Overall Raffle Rating - 3/5

The dedicated raffle page is stunning and very easy to use making entering and getting out very easy, they don’t try to keep you on the page with ads or trying to make you buy stuff off their page. Having their own bespoke solutions means it is very streamlined and very rarely has any issues. The main downsides being the odds are really stacked against you and even using multiple entries to increase your chances will do little in a worldwide raffle. But we recommend always entering the END raffles as once you have an account as it only take 30 seconds to enter it’s worth a shot but don't expect frequent wins.

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