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adidas Yeezy Slide Buyers Guide

adidas Yeezy Slide Buyers Guide
adidas Yeezy Slide Buyers Guide

adidas Yeezy Slide history and background.

Photo Of An Early Prototype Of The Yeezy Slide, Tweeted Out By Ye In 2018
Photo Of An Early Prototype Of The Yeezy Slide, Tweeted Out By Ye In 2018

Once Ye’s deal with adidas began in 2013, the Donda rapper was finally getting what he wanted - royalties and control over his sneaker line. While early iterations of adidas Yeezy models took a more contemporary and retro approach (a la the Yeezy 350, 500, 700, 750), 2018 began the shift into a more organic and futuristic design language. In this same year, Ye was all over Twitter sharing his opinions on controversial topics while also sharing some insight into his design process, tweeting out a photo of an early adidas Yeezy Slide prototype.

The public wouldn’t get a taste of the Slide until 2019 when three initial colorways were released on Yeezy Supply for $55, "Desert Sand", “Resin,” and “Core.” Like many sneakers under the Yeezy branding, the average consumer was not a fan of the simple design with many comparing them to a pair of jail slippers.

Fast forward to 2020 and the cheapest model from adidas Yeezy was being spotted on celebrities and influencers, instantly selling out with each release and garnering aftermarket prices upwards of $400 in certain colorways and sizes. At this point, The Three Stripes decided to feed into the demand by starting bi-monthly restocks that have continued to this day.

If you’ve been eyeing a pair of adidas Yeezy Slides for yourself, you’re in luck as the Sole Retriever adidas Yeezy Slide Buyers Guide should answer all the questions you have about the Yeezy Slide.

What are the best adidas Yeezy Slide colorways?

Like many Yeezy designs, the color palette chosen for the Slides has mainly been in the earth tone realm with colorways like the “Ochre,” “Soot,” “Core,” and “Desert Sand,” all coming in variations of tan and brown. Still, there are a handful of vibrant colors of the Yeezy Slide like the “Enflame Orange,” “Glow Green,” and the upcoming “Azure.”

Some easily wearable pairs that go with every outfit would be the all-black “Onyx,” originally seeing a release in February at the Donda 2 Listening Party in Miami, though since then there have been three other restocks. On the opposite end of the color spectrum, you have the “Bone,” an almost white colorway that has only seen two releases. The most common pair you’ll find in the street is the “Pure,” a light tan colorway that has been restocked countless times. If you want to stay on top of the upcoming restocks, including the soon-to-be-released “Flax” colorway, give us a follow on Twitter and download the Sole Retriever mobile app.

What material is the adidas Yeezy Slide made of?

Patent Images For The adidas Yeezy Slide
Patent Images For The adidas Yeezy Slide

You may have heard that adidas's Yeezy Slides are one of the most comfortable footwear options on the market, and its material makeup is to thank as the entire one-piece molded silhouette is constructed out of a soft EVA foam. Though we’ll touch on this later, the releases prior to the “Ochre” colorway in 2021 did feature a smooth finish and stiffer foam, so try to stick to newer releases if you’re looking for optimal comfort.

How does the adidas Yeezy Slide fit?

Two Size 14 adidas Yeezy Slides With The Original Release "Resin" (Left) Compared To The New Released "Pure"
Two Size 14 adidas Yeezy Slides With The Original Release "Resin" (Left) Compared To The New Released "Pure"

As alluded to earlier, the adidas Yeezy Slide originally came constructed out of a slightly different composite EVA foam compared to the newer colorways. So for pairs released before December 2021, you most definitely need to size up at least one size as the forefoot strap is slightly narrow and the length is a tad shorter. With no half sizes available, those that fall under the half size range (10.5, 11.5 etc) should go up to the next full size, but keep in mind that the earlier pairs did have inconsistent sizing between colorways.

For newer releases, TTS (true-to-size) would be the way to go, though again, half sizes should still go up to the next full size. If you do have wider feet, a full size up from your normal size may be necessary, so if possible, try a pair on before purchasing to be sure you’re getting the correct size.

How much do Yeezy Slides cost?

Originally retailing for $55, the adidas Yeezy Slide has seen two price increases since its initial release. Now, an adult pair will set you back $70. This price increase still allows the Yeezy Slide to be the cheapest adidas Yeezy model to date, making it one of the most accessible pairs of footwear from Ye to date.

Where to buy Yeezy Slides?

We touched earlier on the fact that Slides were originally not well received by the public, though this sentiment has shifted as time has passed. You now have to put in some effort to secure a pair. Retailers from Dicks Sporting Goods to Foot Locker carry pairs, as do boutiques and your usual adidas online storefronts like Yeezy Supply, adidas Confirmed, and select adidas Flagship Stores.

With restocks coming bi-monthly, we’ve got you covered through our Twitter and Mobile App where we’ll alert you on upcoming releases, raffles, and more for the latest Yeezy Slide restock.

When's the next Yeezy Slide restock?

Yeezy Slides tend to restock bi-monthly or every other month. Each restock tends to include both previously released colorways as well as some new styles that haven't been released before.

While its hard to give an exact date as to when the next restock will be, we always have the most up to date Yeezy Slide release dates on our adidas Yeezy Release Dates Calendar page and send real-time notifications when drops occur via our mobile app.

What’s the hot take?

Yeezy Slide Bone On Foot (image via
Yeezy Slide Bone On Foot (image via

It's true, the adidas Yeezy Slide is one of the most comfortable, popular, and wearable footwear options on the market, especially considering it helped popularize the recent foam-based slip-on trend we’ve seen in the entire sneaker industry. For summertime fits, a pair of Yeezy Slides is a must-have option. For the best chance to secure a pair in your size, keep it locked to our Twitter and download the Sole Retriever mobile app. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the latest news, release info, and raffles for the adidas Yeezy Slide and more in the sneaker and streetwear world!

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