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The adidas adiZero Prime x 2 Strung: So Good It's Banned

In recent memory, few sectors have seen such a swift evolution as the world of running technology. A decade ago, the focus was on minimalist shoes, aiming to get runners as close to the barefoot experience as possible. Today, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. Technologies are being designed to cushion, support, and propel athletes further and faster. At the epicenter of these groundbreaking changes is adidas. Their latest offering, the adiZero Prime x 2 Strung, has made waves in the athletic community, not just for its innovative design but also because it's so good that it's banned from competitive running.

For those who have tracked the evolution of running gear, adidas' pioneering spirit is no secret. Recent innovations in running tech include the introduction of 4D technology—a true testament to their commitment to innovation. By harnessing the power of 3D printing, adidas was able to craft midsoles that were custom-fit for runners, delivering an unparalleled mix of support, durability, and responsiveness. This was more than just a product; it was a statement heralding adidas' intent to lead the future of running technology.

Taking a step beyond the constraints of conventional athletic footwear, adidas ventured into uncharted territory with the adiZero Prime x 2 Strung. Most shoes designed for competitive races adhere to specific regulations, limiting them to a stack height of 40mm and a single carbon plate. Not this one. The Prime x 2 Strung boasts a 50mm stack height combined with two carbon-infused plates, making it an absolute powerhouse.

This isn't just about aesthetics or making a statement. Every millimeter, every plate, every layer of foam serves a distinct purpose. The re-engineered midsole, which uniquely integrates three layers of LIGHTSTRIKE PRO foam, promises speed and a level of comfort that runners previously only dreamt of.

As Coralie Ho-Von, Global Product Manager Running Footwear at adidas, insightfully remarked:

"Without the confines of the usual rules, we had space to unleash the full creative capabilities of our product design team. This meant we could create a shoe that pushes the limits of what’s possible for running footwear. The insights we obtained through in-depth athlete testing resulted in a shoe with stability, more spring in the fore- and midfoot, and an enhanced fit. We are excited to reveal more exciting innovations in the upcoming season. Stay tuned for more to come!"

Let's delve into the specific features that make the adidas adiZero Prime x 2 Strung an innovative running silhouette.

The Prime x 2 Strung's upper is a marvel in footwear design. The Strung upper is not a mere aesthetic delight but a functional one. Designed for flexibility where runners need it most, it allows the forefoot to move naturally. Yet, where support is paramount, it reinforces strength in the midfoot and heel. Including a knitted tongue isn’t just a design element—it further elevates the shoe's fit, making runners feel that the shoe is an extension of their feet.

The heart of every running silhouette lies in the midsole, and the adiZero Prime x 2 Strung delivers immaculate comfort. The Lightstrike Pro foam isn't just added; it's strategically layered three times, resulting in a towering 50mm stack height. This design maximizes energy return, especially in the pivotal forefoot and midfoot regions. The Continental outsole ensures that no matter the terrain, grip and traction are uncompromised.

Carbon plates in running shoes have become synonymous with explosive speed and responsiveness. By integrating not one but two carbon-infused plates, adidas promises a running experience that's not just fast but consistently so. Each stride benefits from the system, making runs feel more effortless.

To say the adidas adiZero Prime x 2 Strung is revolutionary would be an understatement. It's a challenge—a bold proclamation to the world of what's possible when innovation meets passion. While it might be absent from competitive tracks due to its sheer performance advantage, it's bound to be a common sight in local parks, city streets, and anywhere running enthusiasts congregate. In essence, adidas has once again reminded us that the future of running is now, and it's exciting.

The adidas adiZero Prime x 2 Strung has two colorways set to launch on September 15, 2023, with plenty more in the pipeline in the near future. That said, adiClub Members have early access to one of the colorways now! Make sure you sign up for adidas adiClub to receive the best deals possible over on adidas.com, and check out the adiZero Prime x 2 Strung here.

adidas adiZero Prime x 2 Strung Cloud White Lucid Cyan

Color: Cloud White/Core Black/Lucid Cyan
Style Code: HP9709
Release Date: 09/15/2023
Price: $300

As one of the launch colorways for this record-breaking silhouette, the adidas adiZero Prime x 2 Strung Cloud White Lucid Cyan will keep things relatively simple with its primarily white appearance. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the Strung upper features blue and red threads that allow the black Three Stripes to pop on the midfoot. More blue hues land on the heel and outsole, while the thick midsole containing three layers of Lightstrike Pro, two carbon-infused plates, and a 50mm stack height, comes in white.

adidas adiZero Prime x 2 Strung Lucid Lemon Core Black

Color: Lucid Lemon/Core Black/Arctic Night
Style Code: HP9708
Release Date: 09/15/2023
Price: $300

If you want to stand out while breaking PBs, the adidas adiZero Prime x 2 Strung Lucid Lemon Core Black is your sneaker. Retaining the technologically advanced construction that is so good it's illegal in elite racing competitions, the pair features a bright green hue for its Strung upper with black and dark navy accents seen when looking at the layer below. Pink hues grace the adidas branding atop the tongue, lateral heel, insole, and portions of the outsole. Underfoot, the elite setup of three Lightstrike Pro layers and two carbon-infused plates shrouded by a white foam midsole.

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