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Everything We Know About TRSTD Sneaker App

TRSTD Sneakers App
TRSTD Sneakers App

Among the most persistent problems sneaker retailers face today is the plague of bots—automated programs designed to purchase limited-edition sneakers in large quantities. This often leaves genuine sneakerheads disappointed and empty-handed with various strategies being employed. Services have emerged in order to level the playing field for sneakerheads, and now a new player has entered the space — TRSTD.

What is the TRSTD App?

According to Canada business registration documents, TRSTD was created by Andrew Raisman, founder of Copdate. Brooklyn Projects’ owner Brooklyn Dom also claims to be involved in the company. Directly from TRSTD’s website, the front page mentions that they ensure “products can only be purchased by real people, not bots.” It operates as a multi-layer authentication system, allegedly ensuring every customer is genuine and not a bot before they access a merchant’s limited-release FCFS drop. Customers can sign up for TRSTD for free and use a time-sensitive code from their verified account to experience what TRSTD claims to be a bot-free shopping spree.

Copdate, another service utilized by skate shops, emerged as a popular solution for hosting raffles and allowed users to "boost" their raffle entries in exchange for a fee. This never promised a definite win but instead claimed to increase the likelihood of selection. However, with the minimal inventory of coveted products like Nike SB Dunks, success was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. One distinction to make clear is that where Copdate was created as a platform for stores to host raffles, TRSTD is specifically built for first-come-first-served releases, not raffles.

How To Sign Up For TRSTD App?

Signing up for TRSTD is easy - sign up here.

1. Enter your email address

2. Click the verification email in your inbox

3. Follow the link to download the TRSTD app (iOS or Android, depending on your device)

4. Scan the QR code using the app and enter the one-time password

5. Enter your name and card details to complete your verification

6. Temporary charge is placed on your card

Are TRSTD Passes Free?

TRSTD (currently) only charges customers a temporary authorization charge of $2 to obtain a TRSTD Pass. It states on its website that the charge will drop after a few days depending on the bank. TRSTD’s reasoning for this charge is to “validate the customer’s payment method as part of our multi-step verification process.” According to TRSTD’s Terms and Conditions, they may charge customers a fee to obtain TRSTD Passes. These passes are valid for three releases and will need to be renewed “to ensure that the most current security standards are being followed.” Something else important to note is that TRSTD’s FAQ section states that “The Fee is subject to change without notice. In all cases, the fee will be clearly indicated prior to the payment confirmation step.”

Interestingly enough, the aforementioned section from TRSTD’s FAQ section is identical to Copdate’s FAQ, word for word: "The fee is subject to change without notice. In all cases, the fee will be clearly indicated in the app prior to the confirmation step.”

Although TRSTD passes seem to be free now, another section of their FAQ page signals that may not be the case in the future...“Signing up for a TRSTD account and/or purchasing a TRSTD Pass does not guarantee that a product will be available at the time a user is accessing the release.”

Does TRSTD App Stop Bots?

The jury is still out on whether TRSTD will indeed be able to stop bots. It could revolutionize the industry if it genuinely upholds its promise of an egalitarian, bot-free sneaker release. The upcoming launch with Orchard Skateshop will be its litmus test.

What Skate Shops Use TRSTD?

At this time the only known shop working with TRSTD is Orchard Skate Shop, based in Boston. That said, if Dom from Brooklyn Projects is involved, it’s safe to assume Brooklyn Projects and more shops will be added soon.

Is the TRSTD App Legit?

From the surface level, TRSTD seems legit. That said, it’s crucial to examine the potential pitfalls of these types of services, even when they appear at face value to be positive changes for the sneaker community. There's an inherent risk that platforms like TRSTD might set an unfavorable trend in the sneaker retail space. Suppose TRSTD becomes a paid service or offers the ability to boost your chances of securing sneaker releases at retail. In that case, it can become a game of high stakes where the house (in this case, TRSTD and participating retailers) always wins. Previously, we covered this trend when specific retailers began to offer memberships to increase the odds of winning releases.

According to Nike’s policy for retailers, “Nike retail partners are prohibited from selling tickets or entries to drawings for launch product.” With services like Copdate and now TRSTD being third-party platforms, these retailers may be skirting this rule.

Orchard Skateshop will be the first retailer to use TRSTD and has offered an analogy for the service in an email to its customers. They described TRSTD as “a digital doorperson that allows access to a new hidden waiting room after obtaining a pass. In this new waiting room, additional lines are queued up for each size until all pairs are purchased.”

Essentially, TRSTD is described as a virtual security guard that lets you into a secret online room if you have a TRSTD Pass. Inside this room are separate lines for each shoe size, and people stay in these lines until every shoe is sold. But what happens if TRSTD follows the same path as Copdate and begins to charge for boosted chances? Following the same analogy, that would be like the doorman taking a cover fee from everyone but only letting a select number of people inside while keeping everyone’s money - even those that weren’t ultimately let inside.

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