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Supreme/Virgil Abloh Figures of Speech - MCA Box Logo Tee

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(Supreme/Virgil Abloh Figures of Speech - “MCA” Box Logo Tee)
(Supreme/Virgil Abloh Figures of Speech - “MCA” Box Logo Tee)

In June of 2019 Virgil Abloh curated and presented a project call “Figures of Speech” at the Museum Of Contemporary Arts in Chicago Illinois. The exhibit displayed a collection of Abloh's greatest works - past, present and even future.

One of the projects on display was called “Untitled”. This was what was thought to be a one-of-a-kind Supreme Box Logo Tee that was inspired by the Pan-African Flag. Alongside the tee was a collage of posters depicting Chicago's own Chief Keef rocking what later became known as the MCA Box Logo t-shirt. Needless to say, the display garnered a lot of attention and press coverage, leading many to wonder whether the MCA BOGO would ever see an official release.

It has been almost 2 years since Virgil Abloh's Figures of Speech display at the Chicago MCA, but the tee just resurfaced when it was worn by Atiba Jefferson to this year's Sport Emmy Awards Show. This was the latest signal that a retail release of the Supreme MCA Box Logo Tee could be right around the corner.

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(Atiba Jefferson wearing the Supreme/Virgil Abloh “MCA”/Pan-African Flag Box Logo Tee at the Sports Emmy Awards) (“Figures of Speech by Virgil Abloh at the MCA)

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