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June 25, 2022
June 25, 2022
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Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 19 - Summer Tees

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Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 19 features Summer Tees, Kayak and much more!

(Supreme Week 19 - Summer Tees, Kayak, and much more!)

This week we will be seeing the third and final release of Supreme tees for Spring Summer 2022. Supreme is expected to release eight new graphic tees along with select Lookbook pieces. Unlike the past, Supreme will not be dropping a BOGO tee, but instead a Musician-related tee, possibly a photo tee, and much more.

Outside of tees, some highly anticipated summer essential accessories like the Supreme/Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Kayak + Paddle and some other Lookbook pieces are also expected to release this week. Stay tuned on Monday for the full week 19 droplist!

For more Supreme Spring Summer 2022 news and real-time drop alerts, follow us on Twitter and download the app.

(Supreme Summer Tees Look Book)
(Supreme Summer Tees- Eyes, Mask, Float, Handstyle, Manhattan, Too Many A**holes, Daidō Moriyama Dog & Tights Tees)
(Sacred Heart GORE-TEX Shell Jacket, Competition L/S Top, Arc Water Shorts, Cargo Work Shorts)
(Supreme/Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Kayak+Paddle, Box Logo Mesh Back New Era)
(Special Offer Camp Cap, Inset Gel Camp Cap, Cutout Crusher, Supreme/Bang&Olufsen Explore Portable Speaker)
(Supreme Fuck Towel)

Supreme Week 19 - Key dates and times

- Supreme newsletter - June 27th at 6:30am EST
- Supreme in-store sign ups - June 28th at 11am EST (Please note no in-store sign up may be needed this week)
- Dropping in store and online via Supreme June 30th at 11am EST/5pm CET in the US and EU.

Supreme Week 19 - Droplist + Retails

-Eyes Tee $40

-Mask Tee $40

-Float Tee $40

-Handstyle Tee $40

-Manhattan Tee $40

-Too Many Assholes Tee $40

-Daidō Moriyama Dog Tee $48

-Daidō Moriyama Tights Tee &48

-Sacred Heart GORE-TEX Shell Jacket $398

-Competition L/S Top $110

-Arc Water Shorts $110

-Cargo Work Shorts $128

-Box Logo Mesh Back New Era $48

-Special Offer Camp Cap $54

-Inset Gel Camp Cap $54

-Cutout Crusher $58

-Fuck Towel $78

-Supreme/Bang&Olufsen Explore Portable Speaker $258

-Supreme/Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Kayak+Paddle $1600 (USA Online Only)

(Supreme Week 19 Retails)

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