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Naked - Raffle Review

Naked is a women's based retail store in Denmark. Typically know for their FCFS raffle approach which is fairly unique, offering a different approach for launch day releases but also utilise the Typeform data collection system similar to other stores such as Soto which is open for manipulation. We shall discuss the in's and out's of the Naked raffle process and what they do to counter the scripts and bots.

Ease of entry

Firstly the branding for Naked is exceptionally on-point. Somehow the website is designed in such a way that it feels sleek, friendly and modern. It has nice pastel shades of pink and playful illustrations giving a retro feel that gives the site a unique tone without feeling cluttered. The raffle experience is made easier with the use of a ‘Releases' section which makes checking for raffles very easy unlike some stores where raffles are chucked up within general stock. The way Naked holds their raffles is that you are entering for the chance to get access to a link that gets sent out on release day and you all battle out like a FCFS release but without the mass hoards so only a pre-selected amount of people get access. This is quite a fun way of doing you feel like you have a good opportunity compared to the other FCFS releases going on at the same time (getting access does not mean a guaranteed pair). But the actual entry page itself is probably the only part of the site that feels cluttered, there is a huge wall of text with the shoe description, rules for FCFS, opening and closing times and account requirements. I feel like the rules, account requirements and winning procedure could be put into a drop down so its hidden and then those who are new can click to read more. This would clean up the page and just give the key details that you really want to know more prominence on the page. But the system that is used is the same as Soto with Typeform taking the entries (Want autofill for the form? Check our our app). So I have the same comments it's a slick, easy to use service but is sadly open to manipulation and boting but with Naked we have some extra details which we shall discuss below.

The Odds

You almost have two sets of odds for any Naked raffle. One for the initial acceptance into getting the FCFS and then the odds of actually copping during the FCFS release on launch day. As we know Naked use Typeform and with our article on Soto we were not able to establish if they have any extra measures to stop mass entry. But we have been able to confirm that Naked have additional features in place that prevent mass entry of their raffle, during some releases this involved the deletion of over 100,000 entries. We were not able to find out the exact way they approach this but we can assume it involves filtering the google mail +1 trick we detailed in the Soto blog post. This could also include the filtering of catchall email accounts which is the process of having an email domain like woof.com and having 100’s of email address like [email protected] and [email protected] all forwarded to one master email address. Although the raffles are very broad the fact we know that Naked is actively trying to stop mass entries and succeed to some degree is a very reassuring fact and increases the odds over raffles that are easily scripted and entered multiple times. If you then manage to get accepted into the FCFS your odds are extremely good with the servers being able to handle the traffic very easily and most people I know who have got access to FCFS getting pairs very easily.

Views on bots/ re-selling

We have been able to establish that Naked has a strong stance on the use of bots and with an aim to eradicate multiple entries and are taking extra steps to prevent this. Naked have no public opinion on re-selling however.

Overall Raffle Experience Rating - 4/5

On the whole, I think I have to commend Naked for their efforts in offering something slightly different and with a clear goal to try to prevent bots with good results. The branding behind Naked is also exceptional and unmatched to any other retailer. The only negatives I can really draw are that as a women’s store they only go up to a size UK8 so for a lot of people that puts them out of the runnings. Their prices are higher than other EU stores by €10 or €20 which in the grand scheme of things if you are buying for personal pairs isn't bad but it's something I notice from time to time. Most raffles are also worldwide.

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