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How to Get Early Access to the ANTA KAI 1 Artist on Court Restock

KICKS CREW x ANTA KAI 1 Artist on the Court
KICKS CREW x ANTA KAI 1 Artist on the Court

Kyrie Irving's groundbreaking partnership with ANTA culminated in launching his first signature sneaker, the ANTA KAI 1, which was introduced with the Artist on Court colorway. This highly anticipated release took the market by storm, selling out instantly across all retail platforms that carried it and garnering more than double its initial retail price on the secondary market.

However, ANTA and KICKS CREW have announced a restock of the coveted ANTA KAI 1 Artist on Court. This collaboration is historic, marking the first instance a marketplace has launched a product in direct partnership with a sportswear brand and an athlete.

Kyrie Irving's involvement with ANTA extends beyond his signature sneaker. As the Chief Creative Officer, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the brand's creative direction. Moreover, his commitment to community engagement and empowerment is evident through his dual role as an equity holder and the Chief Community Officer of KICKS CREW, a leading sneaker marketplace.

How to Secure Early Access

How to Secure Early Access to ANTA KAI 1
How to Secure Early Access to ANTA KAI 1

There's a golden opportunity for those eager to bypass the secondary market and secure their pair of the ANTA KAI 1 Artist on Court at retail price. KICKS CREW offers Early Access through a simple sign-up process on their dedicated landing page. This exclusive opportunity is not just about getting the sneakers; it's about being part of a moment in sneaker history.

Those fortunate enough to be selected for A11Even Tribe exclusive access will receive a unique code, unlocking priority access to the restock. This privilege allows them to purchase the sneakers one hour before the public release, ensuring they can secure their pair without the stress of competing in the general release. The public release is scheduled for March 23 at 11 AM CT, making the Early Access window an invaluable advantage for true sneakerheads. Take your chance to be part of this historic release. For more updates on the latest happenings in sneakers, streetwear, and more, download the Sole Retriever mobile app.

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