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Cavinder Twins Discuss Under Armour Signing, Sneaker Culture, Women's Basketball, and Social Media

Under Armour Signs Twins Haley and Hanna Cavinder

Meet Haley and Hanna Cavinder

Haley and Hanna Cavinder, better known as the Cavinder twins, have made waves both on and off the basketball court. As standout Division 1 players for the Miami Hurricanes, they’ve demonstrated their skills and tenacity in the world of collegiate basketball. Beyond their athletic prowess, the twins have built a significant presence on social media, captivating millions with their engaging content and dynamic personalities. Their unique blend of sports and lifestyle content has earned them a loyal following, making them influential figures in both the sports and social media landscapes. Now, with their recent signing with Under Armour, the Cavinder twins are poised to take their influence to new heights, merging their passion for basketball, fashion, and fitness. In an exclusive interview with Sole Retriever, the twins sat down to talk all things Under Armour, sneakers, social media, and women's hoops.

Haley and Hannah Cavinder Playing For University of Miami

The Dream Partnership with Under Armour

Haley and Hanna expressed their long-standing admiration for Under Armour, reminiscing about their childhood desire for the brand’s sneakers and apparel. “Growing up, we always wanted Under Armour stuff. It’s what we wanted for Christmas, and now we get to partner with such a prestigious brand that fits our lifestyle on and off the court. It’s such a dream come true, and it makes the partnership so organic,” Haley shared. Hanna added, “When we visited the headquarters in Baltimore, it felt like a family. They've made us feel so welcome and we’re excited to dive deeper with Under Armour and be part of their amazing community."

Haley and Hannah Under Armour PhotoshootCavinder Twins Under Armour PhotoshootHaley Cavinder Under Armour PhotoshootHanna Cavinder Under Armour Photoshoot

Haley mentioned that her and her sister "loved visiting the headquarters and can’t wait to be part of their new campaigns." Hanna echoed her sister’s enthusiasm, highlighting their passion for health and fitness and how it aligns perfectly with Under Armour’s values..."Whether it’s streetwear looks or diving into the new collections coming up…It’s awesome that we can do this with Under Armour this year during basketball and then explore after basketball for another two years because this is a three year long deal.”

Favorite Under Armour Athletes and Sneakers

Both sisters have a deep appreciation for Under Armour athletes. Haley went with Stephen Curry as her favorite UA athlete and the Apparition as her favorite sneaker model. “I’m obsessed with the Apparitions…I have them in literally every color. It’s like vintage retro and I can wear them both sporty or girly. They’re a staple for sure” Hanna also is a big Steph fan, but she went with Kelsey Plum as her favorite Under Armour athlete. “Obviously on the court her shoes are awesome, but I also love her pregame fits for her games. It’s cool how she’s able to incorporate her style within Under Armour, which is something Haley and I love to do as well." When it comes to her favorite Under Armour sneaker, Haley agrees with her sister, “No doubt the Apparition. I have them in every single color and it’s a daily shoe for sure…I have a slight addiction to them…I’m literally wearing them right now as I’m about to hop on a plane!”

Go-To Sneakers On and Off The Court

For on-court performance, Haley and Hanna swear by the Stephen Curry 11s. “They’re so light, I feel like I’m floating,” Hanna remarked. “I wore them the other day for pickup and realized they're literally the lightest shoes I’ve ever worn.” Off the court, their go-to sneakers are, of course...you guessed it...the Under Armour Apparition! “I love the cream ones; they go with everything,” Haley said. “Yea, the Apparition is really my go-to; my favorite colorway is the light gray metallic…honestly I think I wear them too much,” Hanna jokingly added.

Cavinder Twins Team Up With Hustle Beauty
Cavinder Twins Team Up With Hustle Beauty

Sneakerhead Twins with a Passion for Fashion

The Cavinder twins consider themselves sneakerheads and often coordinate their outfits. “We have very similar styles off the court and love a good sneaker look,” Hanna said. They even have playful disagreements over who gets to wear certain sneakers, often resolved by a game of rock-paper-scissors. When asked who would win in a sneaker style-off between them and any other twin duo, Haley confidently replied, “Haley and I, every time.” Their unwavering confidence and close bond are evident in every aspect of their lives, on and off the court. On the topic of who the bigger sneakerhead was between the two of them, Haley claimed, “I feel like my collection is a little better if we’re being honest!” Haley was taken aback, jokingly replying, “Wow…you always ask for my sneakers!”

Hanna Cavinder with Under Armour Basketball

Twin Telepathy in Sneaker Choices

When it comes to choosing sneakers, the twins often end up picking the same pair without discussing it. “We have a very similar taste, but Hanna tends to go for more colors while I stick to neutrals,” Haley explained. “We both love neutral sneakers, but if I’m wearing neutral colors, the pop of a color on a shoe is a really good look for sure.” Hanna added that, “Sometimes we’ll come out in the same outfit and I’ll tell Haley she has to go change…it’s not happening today!” Don't get it twisted though, the twins do not share sneakers. When asked about if they wear each other's sneakers without asking, Hanna told us, "No! Those are my babies!"

Haley Cavinder with Under Armour Basketball

The Role of Social Media in Women’s Sports and Sneaker Culture

As influential figures on social media, the Cavinder twins believe social media plays a crucial role in merging women’s sports and sneaker culture. “Social media allows us to showcase our style and what we’re wearing, both on and off the court,” Haley said. Hanna added, “It’s great to see the trend of pregame fits and different styles being highlighted. It helps grow the game and brings more eyes to women’s basketball.” The twins said they love seeing everyone’s different styles and “being able to show that within sneakers is something we love to do.” Haley added that because their content lives both on and off the basketball court, “we’re able to influence different sides of the audience, whether it’s sorority girls or basketball players…we like to do more than the usual outfit of the days influencer stuff, whether that’s showcasing sneakers on the court or just our daily go-to’s.”

Haley and Hannah Training For Upcoming Season at Miami

The Rise in Popularity of Women’s Basketball

Haley and Hanna are thrilled about the growing attention to women’s basketball, particularly with players like Caitlin Clark leading the charge. “Seeing players like Caitlin Clark bring more eyes to the game is a win for everyone. It’s helping to evolve the game for future generations,” Haley remarked. Hanna added, “The increased visibility and appreciation of our game is amazing, and we’re excited to be a part of it…fans love the storylines, and to be able to have a part in that this year and showcase our style within Under Armour is something we’re stoked about!”

Addressing Misconceptions About Women’s Basketball

The Cavinder twins are keen to dispel misconceptions about women’s basketball. “A common misconception is that the women’s game isn’t as hard as the men’s. Female athletes have incredible IQ and understanding of the game,” Haley stated. Hanna added, “Women should be empowered to show their competitive spirit just like men. It’s part of what makes us strong and capable athletes.” She added that, “Sometimes it’s looked down upon, seen as weird, or made fun of, but there’s a lot of emotions and that’s what makes us so empowering.” When asked about the average, casual mens basketball player who thinks they can beat any professional women’s player 1 on 1, the twins said that, “Men just love to say that because it’s their egos. People sometimes don’t understand how skilled women’s players are People who say that just need to have it happen to them so they can be humbled…and someone needs to film it for them!” Now there's a fun content idea...

The Cavinder Twins Twinning in Miami Uniforms

Their Take on Sabrina Ionescu's Shoe Transcending Women's Basketball

When asked about Sabrina Ionescu's signature shoe and why they believe it has transcended women's basketball, the Cavinder twins were full of praise. “I just believe that a good sneaker is a good sneaker, whether it's designed for women or men,” Hanna explained. “If it's a great product and people enjoy wearing it, it's going to transcend gender boundaries.” Haley added, “It's amazing to see NBA players wearing a women's basketball shoe. It helps to grow the game and brings more eyes to it. Sabrina’s success with her shoe is a win for everyone.”

Whats Next? Plans Beyond Basketball

While they are fully focused on their current endeavors and success on the court this season, the Cavinder twins are also planning for their future beyond basketball. “We’re passionate about health and fitness, and we’ve started an app called Twogether to empower females through workout plans and nutritional guides,” Hanna shared. They also aim to continue working with brands and leveraging their social media influence. The entrepreneurial twins mentioned that they also have equity deals in various businesses and are super passionate about helping businesses expand.

Cavinder Twins Announce Launch of Twogether App

The Cavinder twins’ partnership with Under Armour marks an exciting chapter in their journey, blending their love for basketball, fashion, and fitness. As they continue to make waves both on social media and in the sports world, fans can look forward to seeing more of their unique style and inspiring achievements both on and off the court.

Massive thank you to Haley and Hanna for taking the time to sit down with us and to Lilli and Jeff for helping make this happen!

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