As expected, adidas' The Box Shoes was an April Fools joke. However, adidas is giving away pairs via the Confirmed App, with the raffle ending on April 3.

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adidas' The Box Shoes Releases April 2024

adidas The Box Shoe
adidas The Box Shoe

As the calendar flips to April, the anticipation for April Fools' pranks begins to bubble, especially within the sneaker community. This year, adidas is setting the stage for a playful jest that blurs the lines between packaging and product. Dubbed The Box Shoe, adidas is turning heads and sparking conversations with what might be the most literal interpretation of sneaker design yet. This supposed release, introduced via the adidas Confirmed app, catches the eye for its unconventional approach, transforming an ordinary adidas shoebox into a wearable fashion piece.

The Box Shoe challenges conventional footwear design by adopting the form and aesthetics of an adidas sneaker box. This design features a rectangular box structure with a square cut-out for foot entry, mimicking the experience of unboxing a fresh pair of kicks. Chunky laces drape over the box's "tongue," completing the sneaker illusion and inviting wearers to tie them as they would a standard pair of shoes. The shoe, adorned in the classic blue and white color scheme synonymous with adidas packaging, boasts branded details that echo the iconic look of adidas' product boxes.

As we all thought, the adidas The Box Shoe was an April Fools joke. However, The Three Stripes announced a giveaway raffle on the Confirmed App that will end on April 3. Download the Sole Retriever mobile app for updates on this raffle and more in the sneaker and streetwear world.

adidas The Box Shoe

Color: Blue/Cloud White
Style Code: AF0104
Release Date: 04/03/2024
Price: N/A

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adidas The Box Shoe Lateraladidas The Box Shoe Angleadidas The Box Shoe Topadidas The Box Shoe Angle
adidas The Box Shoe On Footadidas The Box Shoe On Foot

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