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SNKRS US is a premier destination for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors, offering an unparalleled selection of the latest and most sought-after sneaker releases. As a leading retailer in the sneaker community, SNKRS US stands out for its exclusive access to rare and limited-edition footwear from Nike, catering to the needs of both casual buyers and hardcore sneakerheads. For info on how to get shoes on SNKRS, check out the SNKRS 101 Guide.

SNKRS US Sneaker Releases and Raffles

Below are the the latest sneaker releases and raffles from SNKRS US. They have had a total of 1 sneaker raffles. Their raffles are generally via online entry and are shipped to you. They have had a total of 1402 sneaker releases. They carry sneakers from Nike. For notifications on new SNKRS US raffles and releases, check out the Sole Retriever Mobile App.


Is SNKRS US legit?

SNKRS US is a legitimate retailer that carries authentic sneakers from Nike. When purchasing make sure to verify that the store has the domain:

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