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January 31, 2022
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A Bathing Ape announces new NFT project with 10,000 unique King Apes.


We’ve only had a month pass in 2022 yet we continue to see large brands enter the NFT space. With the likes of StockX and Michael Jordan getting into the metaverse, A Bathing Ape is joining the party. Announced on their social media, the BAPETAVERSE is set to include 10,000 unique NFTs of a King Ape.

This announcement is still shrouded in mystery as we have yet to see a full reveal on what the 3D version of the King Ape will look like. What we do know, according to the official BAPETAVERSE discord, is these NFTs will grant owners exclusive access to Bape content and private real-life events. Each of the 10,000 NFTs will be randomly generated, coming in 2D or 3D profile picture styled King Apes. These profile pics will also act as a key into the BAPETAVERSE, with release details soon to be announced.

With this announcement being very new, we still have a lot to unravel with A Bathing Ape's venture into the metaverse. An official unveiling of the full collection is expected soon. To stay updated on the BAPETAVERSE as more info comes to light, keep it locked to our Twitter and download the Sole Retriever mobile app.


Images via BAPE

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