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Hoka is a well-known athletic footwear brand, renowned for its distinctive, oversized midsoles and exceptional cushioning. Established in 2009, Hoka shoes have gained popularity among runners for their lightweight design and enhanced stability, offering a unique blend of comfort and performance. The brand caters to a wide range of athletic needs, including road running, trail running, and hiking, and has expanded to offer apparel and accessories. Hoka's innovative approach to shoe design emphasizes both functionality and style, appealing to athletes and casual users alike. Hoka has engaged in various interesting collaborations, blending its innovative shoe technology with diverse styles and influences. These collaborations often involve partnering with fashion designers, lifestyle brands, and artists, bringing a fresh and unique perspective to their footwear. Popular collabs include those with Engineered Garments, Satisfy Running, Nicole McLaughlin, Opening Ceremony, and more.

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