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Nike SB Dunk Low x Ben & Jerrys Chunky Dunky

Nike SB Dunk Low x Ben & Jerrys Chunky Dunky
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Nike is teaming up with Ben & Jerry's on what it expected to be one of the most highly coveted sneaker collaborations of 2020. The Nike SB Dunk Low x Ben & Jerrys "Chunky Dunky" is set to drop at retailers on May 23rd at a retail price of $100.
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Sat, May. 23

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Updated Thursday, Nov. 18 2021

Nike SB has been on a hot streak of unique and unexpected collaborations, as exemplified through the recent releases of the Nike SB Dunk Low "Travis Scott" and Nike SB Dunk Low "Strangelove Skateboards" colorways. Suffice to say, this month's Ben & Jerry collab is surely a continuation of that trend. This Nike SB Dunk Low silhouette, inspired by the ice cream brand's famous "Chunky Monkey" flavor, features a variety of bright and vibrant colors. In true Ben & Jerry's fashion, this Nike SB showcases a cloudy blue sky and green grass underlay backdrop and features faux fur throughout the cow overlays and tongue of the sneaker. To top it off, the unique design of the bright yellow Nike Swoosh represents the drip of melting ice cream on a hot, summer day. A few skate shops even received the Special Promo Chunky Dunky Box version which is even more rare.

Expect this collaboration to be released in very limited quantities. That said, be sure to keep a close eye on Sole Retriever's official Raffle and Release guides for this release for your best chances at copping the Nike SB Dunk Low x Ben & Jerry's "Chunky Dunky" for the retail price of $100 when they drop on May 23rd.

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