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April 30, 2022
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Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 11 Featuring Nike

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Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 11 features the Nike Zoom Air Flight 95.

Supreme Week 11 Droplist

Supreme Spring Summer 2022 will feature the highly anticipated Nike collaboration. First teased about a month ago, Supreme and Nike are expected to release 3 coloways of the Nike Zoom Air Flight 95.

Featuring a bandana print across the entire shoe, the 90's classic is set to arrive in Black, Baby Blue, and Hemp color ways. To hold us over, Supreme teased us with an official shot of the black and hemp color ways of the Flight 95.

Nike, Jules Pansu Pillows, Umbro and much more release this Thursday, May 5th. A full Supreme SS22 Week 11 drop list is down below and stay tuned for confirmed retails which will be coming soon.

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Supreme Week 11 - Key dates and times

- Supreme newsletter - May 1st at 6am EST 
- Supreme in-store sign ups - May 2nd at 11am EST 
- Dropping in store and online May 5th at 11am EST/5pm CET in the US and EU

Supreme Week 11 Retail Prices

-Supreme/Nike Zoom Air Flight 95 $178

-Supreme®/Umbro Track Jacket $188

-Gradient Jacquard Denim Work Jacket $248

-2-Tone Sweater $138

-Fuck Everything S/S Work shirt $128

-Word Bubble Jacquard S/S Top $88

-Small Box Tee $60

-Instant High Patches Hooded Sweatshirt $168

-Stretch Crewneck $148

-Umbro Track Pant $158

-Double Knee Denim Utility Pant $168

-Stretch Sweatshort $118

-Gradient Jacquard Denim Short $148

-Perforated Camp Cap $48

-Gradient Denim Mesh Back 5-Panel $48

-Touring Visor 6-Panel $54

-Supreme®/Franklin® CFX Pro Batting Glove $68

-Supreme®/Jules Pansu Pillows $398

Supreme Week 11 Retails

Images Via @SupremeNewYork

(Supreme/Nike Zoom Air Flight 95 Lookbook)
(Supreme/Nike Zoom Air Flight 95)

(Instant High Patches Hooded Sweatshirt, 2-Tone Sweater)
(Stretch Crewneck, Stretch Sweatshort)
(Gradient Jacquard Denim Work Jacket, Gradient Jacquard Denim Short)
(Supreme®/Umbro Track Jacket, Umbro Track Pant, Double Knee Denim Utility Pant)
(Fuck Everything S/S Work shirt, Small Box Tee, Word Bubble Jacquard S/S Top)
(Supreme®/Franklin® CFX Pro Batting Glove,Gradient Denim Mesh Back 5-Panel, Perforated Camp Cap, Touring Visor 6-Panel)
(Supreme®/Jules Pansu Pillows Set of 3)
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