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Kith's New Loyalty Program Explained

Kith Loyalty Program Tiers

Kith, a renowned retailer in the sneaker and apparel world, has always been at the forefront of exclusive releases and global collaborations. This brand has built a vast following by consistently offering unique products and experiences. Kith is taking its customer engagement to the next level with a major overhaul of its loyalty program, aptly named Kith Loyalty.

The Structure of Kith Loyalty

Kith Loyalty is a point-based program designed to reward its loyal customers in a myriad of ways, including experiences, early access, and exclusive product drops. The program is divided into three tiers: Molecule, Elevation, and Vitality.

  1. Molecule Tier: This is the entry-level tier. Every Kith account holder is automatically enrolled in this tier, starting their journey in the Kith ecosystem
  2. Elevation Tier: For the more dedicated shoppers, accumulating between 2,000 and 9,999 points elevates them to this tier.
  3. Vitality Tier: This is the pinnacle of the loyalty program, reserved for those who accumulate 10,000 points or more.

How To Earn Points With Kith

How To Earn Points With Kith's Loyalty Program

Earning points is straightforward and inclusive of various customer activities:

- Purchases: Every dollar spent on Kith-branded products (including apparel, collaborations, and accessories) earns 2 points. Purchases of non-Kith items still earn 1 point per dollar.

- Achievements: Points can also be earned through various achievements such as checking into Kith’s physical stores, subscribing to the Kith Newsletter, reaching a certain number of orders, and regularly using the Kith app.

For customers with a purchase history with Kith, those purchases will be retroactively applied to their account. This credit includes any purchases made over the past 12 years.

Points in the Kith Loyalty program do not expire, ensuring that your tier status remains intact without the need for continuous purchases, a distinct advantage over many other loyalty programs where maintaining status is often dependent on ongoing spending.

Tier Benefits For Kith’s Loyalty Program

Kith Loyalty Program Tiers

Each tier in the Kith Loyalty program unlocks a set of exclusive benefits:

  • Molecule Tier: Basic access to exclusive apparel and accessories.
  • Elevation Tier: Includes all Molecule benefits, plus early access to Kith’s seasonal collections, sales, and more.
  • Vitality Tier: This top tier offers all the benefits of the Molecule and Elevation tiers, along with additional perks like in-store returns, priority checkout in-store, access to re-releases of past products, exclusive access to Kith collaborations and footwear, and invitations to special Kith events.

For customers who have used multiple email addresses for their purchases with Kith, the program allows linking up to one additional email to consolidate points into a single account. This account link is a one-time offer and cannot be altered once set.

To celebrate the launch of this revamped loyalty program, Kith announces an exclusive release for Molecule tier members: the Kith x Clarks 8th Street x adidas Gazelle Indoor. This release exemplifies the unique opportunities that Kith Loyalty members can expect. Stay informed about Kith and more by downloading the Sole Retriever mobile app.

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