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March 27, 2022
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Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 6 - Aeon Flux

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Supreme Spring Summer 2022 features Aeon Flux.

Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 6 - Aeon Flux

When Supreme teased its Spring Summer 2022 one of the biggest collaborations that got people talking were the pieces featuring Aeon Flux. Fortunately, all of the Aeon Flux items are finally arriving as part of Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 6.

Aeon Flux was an animated MTV anime series established in the early 90’s that featured a strong female protagonist who was secretly a double agent. The creator Peter Chung, did an amazing job at captivating people by having a story line that consisted of various missions - seeking justice by any means necessary. Over the years, this series has inspired comics, movies, clothing and even video games. Its cult-like following paired with intense visuals make it ripe territory for a Supreme collaboration.

The Aeon Flux collection consists of a Varsity Jacket, Sweater, Zip Up Hoodie, Soccer Jersey and work shorts, all releasing alongside various other look book pieces. Stay tuned for a full droplist including retail prices for each item.

Be sure to keep it locked to our Twitter and Mobile App, to stay up to date on future Spring/Summer Supreme releases.

UPDATE 3/30/22: Full Supreme Week 6 droplist and retails have been added. Supreme SS22 Week 6 will include Aeon Flux and a slue of SS22 lookbook items including the Uncut Deck that was pushed back from a few weeks prior.

Supreme Week 6 - Key dates and times

- Supreme In-store sign ups - March 29th at 11am EST

- Dropping in store and online March 31st at 11am EST/5pm CET in the US and EU

Supreme Aeon Flux Droplist & Retails

- Varsity Jacket: $498
- Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt: $188
- Sweater: $168
- Soccer Jersey: $110
- Work Short: $138
- L/S Tee: $54
- Gun Tee: $44

Lookbook Piece Droplist & Retails

- Regency Pajama Set: $218
- Repeat Track Jacket: $148
- Repeat Track Pants: $128
- Small Box Logo Crewneck: $138
- Small Box Logo Sweatpants: $148
- Regular Jean: $148
- Plaid S/S Shirt: $128
- Precision L/S Top: $88
- Acid Wash S/S Top: $78
- Two Tone Twill Camp Cap: $54
- Spread 6-Panel: $54
- Crushed Velvet Trucker: $54
- Stickey Notes Beanie: $38
- Uncut Deck: $58

Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Retail Prices
Supreme Spring Summer Week 6 Droplist
Supreme Aeon Flux Varsity Jacket
Supreme Aeon Flux Soccer Jersey and Zip Up
Supreme Aeon Flux Sweater
Supreme Aeon Flux Work Short
Supreme Plaid S/S Shirt, Acid Wash S/S Top, and Precision L/S Top
Supreme Small Box Logo Crewneck, Small Box Logo Sweatpants, and Regular Jean
Supreme Repeat Track Jacket $148 and Repeat Track Pants
Supreme GORE-TEX PACLITE Suit, Regency Pajama Set, Uncut Deck
Supreme Two Tone Twill Camp Cap, Spread 6-Panel, Crushed Velvet Trucker, and Stickey Notes Beanie
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