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September 12, 2022
September 8, 2022
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Why Does The Nike Dunk Low Panda Keep Restocking?

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The ever-popular Dunk Low "Panda" keeps coming back for more. Ever wonder why?

The Nike Dunk Low "Panda" is seen on the feet of millions everyday (or at least it feels that way). All genders, styles, and ages can be seen rocking the coveted white and black kicks since they were reintroduced in 2021. This colorway is made for everyday wear and can literally go with everything. That being said, when the Nike Dunk regained its popularity and "hype" status, it seemed like everyone gravitated to this simple color blocking above all else. It's demand is so high, we saw restock after restock seemingly on a quarterly basis. No matter how many times the Nike Dunk Low "Panda" has been restocked, it continues to sell out instantly and fetch a pretty penny on secondary platforms like StockX, GOAT, and others.

Why does the Nike Dunk Low Panda restock so often? 

The ultimate reason that the Nike Dunk Low Panda restocks so often is simple, hype! Officially labeled as a "carry-over" style, the Nike Dunk Low Panda is offered at multiple times throughout the year for retailers to reorder. Like Nike carry-over styles of the past, the Nike Dunk Low "Panda" is one of its super general release pairs, akin to the "Triple White" Air Force 1, Air Max 90, and more.

While it's not publicly available, every time the sneaker is restocked, it is restocked by the thousands - due to supply and demand. In fact, like other carry-over Nike styles, the Nike Dunk Low Panda is in a constant state of production. So whether you dogged your pair and need to re-up, or simply haven't scored a pair yet, don't worry. The Nike Dunk Low "Panda" isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. The PANDAemic is still going strong.

Dunk Low Panda by the numbers

One of the best selling sneakers from Nike going on two years, the Nike Dunk Low "Panda" continues to disappear from store shelves almost as fast as the next restock is announced, sometimes before the sneakers even hit the shelves (but that's another story). While it shouldn't come as a surprise that Nike continues to re-release these Dunk Lows given their status symbol and high sales, many have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, so-to-speak. So, why hasn't the Nike Dunk Low "Panda" died yet? The answer is as simple as the colorway itself - and people can't get enough of it.

Despite Nike releasing millions of pairs of the Nike Dunk Low Panda, the sneaker still remains one of the top selling sneakers on StockX and has surprisingly maintained its secondary resale value. In fact, StockX data shows that the Nike Dunk Low Panda is the most popular sneaker ever with almost 350k sales YTD and an average price premium of 66% across the size-run. Needless the say, the Nike Dunk Low Panda is unbrickable...

Nike Dunk Low Panda sales on StockX YTD

When is the Nike Dunk Low Panda restocking next?

Given the Nike Dunk Low Panda is carry-over general release (GR), it restocks at random. As a general rule of thumb, expect Nike to announce restock almost every other month via the Nike App and for Nike retailers to drop at random times throughout the year. The best ways to keep track of upcoming restocks for the Nike Dunk Low Panda is to follow us Twitter and download our Mobile App!

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