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Nike and Fortnite Celebrate the Air Max DN with Airphoria 2.0

Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0
Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0

Nike has again pushed the envelope by diving deep into the digital frontier. Its ventures into NFTs and the metaverse, mainly through initiatives like RTFKT and .SWOOSH, showcase a forward-thinking approach that marries traditional brand engagement with the burgeoning digital landscape. This marriage of the physical and digital worlds has been further cemented through its collaboration with Fortnite, the massively popular online game known for its vibrant, ever-evolving universe.

Last year, this partnership gave birth to Airphoria, a virtual experience within Fortnite that brought together gaming, fashion, and technology. Fast forward to this year, and the collaboration has leveled up with the launch of Airphoria 2.0, coinciding with the celebration of Air Max Day and the introduction of the Air Max DN.

The original Airphoria was a landmark event, integrating Nike's iconic designs with Fortnite's digital ecosystem. It offered players a range of in-game skins, emotes, accessories, and a custom map to promote the Air Max 1 '86 Big Bubble's return. Before this, Jordan Brand and Fortnite worked on a collaborative in-game capsule of skins and emotes.

This year's Air Max Day unveiled the Air Max DN, a sneaker that encapsulates Nike's relentless pursuit of innovation. Airphoria 2.0 has been introduced in Fortnite to celebrate this launch, enhancing the virtual experience with new elements reflecting the latest sneaker technology advancements. The event features new skins, such as Eclipse and Airphorian, with the latter directly representing the Air Max DN. The skin showcases the sneaker's distinctive haptic secondary layer across the body, with players' avatars donning the Air Max DN on their feet. Variants include appearances by the Air Max Plus Drift and the Air Max 1, offering a range of styles for players to choose from.

In addition to the cosmetic upgrades, Airphoria 2.0 enriches the gameplay experience by tasking players with a unique challenge: bringing together four Air Max chambers to recreate the DN's innovative cushioning system.

Players eager to dive into this blended world of cutting-edge fashion and digital adventure can access the Fortnite world of Airphoria 2.0 using the island code 2887-3398-8922. Airphoria 2.0 will run from March 26, 2024, through April 2, 2024, when the custom world will close. Download the Sole Retriever mobile app for more updates on the latest from Nike and more in the sneaker and streetwear world.

Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0Nike x Fortnite Airphoria 2.0

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