Bodega sneaker releases and raffles

The latest sneaker releases and raffle from Bodega. They have a total of 452 sneaker raffles and 158 releases. Their raffles are generally via online entry and are shipped to you. They carry sneakers from All.

Bodega is a hyped clothing store for men and women from over 100 brands. They are a Tier 1 store and regularly feature collaborations with Nike, Nike SB, Nike Dunk, New Balance, and more.

The store was once known for its insane online releases, but they have now turned to using an online raffle system which is tricky to win because of how many people can enter. Each sneaker raffle they host has hundreds of thousands of entries. That said, they are very much a reputable seller and always deliver on their raffles. They aim to make the entry system as fair as possible.

Their trademark "hidden in plain sight" moniker holds true for each of their brick and mortar stores which you can visit in Boston and Los Angeles. They often host community events, popups, and DJ sets.