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March 6, 2022
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Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 3

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Supreme Week 3 droplist and retail prices - Burberry Collab.

Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 3 Full Droplist

One of the biggest streetwear collaborations is nearly upon us. Combining two iconic brands and blurring the lines between streetwear and high fashion, Supreme and Burberry are teaming up on a collaboration for week 3. Working closely with Burberry’s Creative Director Riccardo Tisci, Supreme's upcoming collection is set to include outerwear, tops, Box Logos, bottoms, hats, skate decks, and much more. The highlight of the release will be the Box Logo hoodie and tee, which will feature the classic Burberry plaid design. To build up the hype, Supreme has strategically leaked early looks through the likes of AsapNast and select members of its skate team. Check out some early looks below and be ready as the official newsletter is expected to release Monday morning at 6:30 am EST. Retail pricing and droplist will soon follow. Keep it locked to our Twitter and mobile app, to stay up to date on future Supreme Spring Summer 2022 releases.

UPDATE 03/10/22: Price update for the Burberry store exclusive clothing will retail as follows Leather Track Jacket $2510, Leather Track Pants $1790, Silk Pajama S/S Shirt $950, & Silk Pajama Shorts $780.

UPDATE 03/09/22: The full Supreme Spring Summer 2022 droplist has been added along with retail prices for each item. The Leather Track Jacket and Pants along with the Silk Pajamas will be Burberry Store exclusive. Also the 6-panel and Burberry Crusher hat will be releasing at a later date.

UPDATE 03/07/22: Supreme has confirmed that Spring/Summer 22 will feature its highly anticipated collaboration with Burberry. The collection will feature BOGO hoodies and tees, skate decks, trench coats, jeans, down puffer jacket, shorts, rugbys, 6-panel hats, and polos. The entire Week 3 droplist along with retails will be added in the coming days.

Supreme Week Spring/Summer 2022 Week 3 Retail Prices

Supreme Week 3 Key Dates

- Official Newsletter - March 7th at 6:30am EST
- In-store sign ups - March 8th at 11am EST
- Official Release - Dropping in store and online March 10th at 11am EST in the US
- Burberry Locations - Supreme x Burberry will release in-store at select Burberry locations on March 10th

Images via Supreme New York

Supreme x Burberry Box Logo Hoodie and Tee
Supreme x Burberry Leather Track Jacket + Pants and Silk Pajamas
Burberry x Supreme Trench Coat
Supreme x Burberry Denim Trucker Jackets and Jeans
Supreme x Burberry Shearling Collar Down Puffer Jacket
Supreme x Burberry Leather Track Jacket and Pants
Supreme Lookbook Week 3
Old English S/S Shirt & Angel Hooded Sweatshirt
Sport Zip Hooded Sweatshirt
Crushed Velvet Camp Cap, AT 6-Panel, & God's Children Beanie
Glass Spray Bottle
Supreme AOI Glow In The Dark Track Jacket, Pants, Small Box Coated Linen 6-Panel, & Alien 5-Panel

Image via Garzianov

Supreme x Burberry Skate Decks

Image via frosty_beverages

Supreme x Burberry Box Logo Sticker

Image via asapnast

Image via tyshawn

Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

Image via sageelsesser

Supreme Box Logo Tee
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