Nike Outlets 101 - Everything You Need To Know About Factory Stores

Nike Outlets Guide
Nike Outlets Guide

Every so often there is a crazy story about Jordan 1's and other Retros making their way to the Nike Outlets, sometimes under retail. While finding hype Nikes at the outlets is not the norm, there are some insane steals and the occasional come ups can be found if you get lucky!

Follow along as we breakdown everything you need to know about Nike Outlets, from find the best deals to snagging some Jordans and other hype sneakers.

What are Nike Outlets?

Nike Outlets, also known as Nike Factory Stores are physical retail locations where you can purchase authentic Nike products. Slightly different from in-line stores, Nike Outlets usually carry out of season products as opposed to new releases. They are mainly found in Outlet Malls, while some are standalone. For a full list, you can visit Nike’s official site to find a Nike Outlet near you. Be sure to filter “Nike Factory Stores” to differentiate from in-store and factory.

Nike Outlet store locations
Nike Outlet store locations

What is the difference between Nike Outlets and Nike Factory Stores?

In short, Nike refers to its outlets as Nike Factory Stores. So essentially they are one and the same.

As mentioned earlier, Nike Factory Stores have authentic Nike Products that are from previous seasons, products with slight defects or imperfections, and sometimes products that just aren't selling well at Nike's retail locations. The nice thing, most of these products are sold under retail or deep discounts.

What can you buy at Nike Outlets?

Nike Outlets exclusively carry Nike products. This also includes Jordan Brand and occasionally Converse. All types of product can be found in-store, from footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories. The type of product carried per store varies by location, so not every Nike Outlet will have the same offerings.

Nike Outlet product selection
Nike Outlet product selection

When do Nike Outlets restock?

Nike Outlets constantly are constantly getting in new products. New shipments of product are usually received every two weeks. Outside of that, products are stocked first thing in the morning or in the evening once the store has closed. To find refreshed inventory, go to the Nike Outlets as soon as they open at 10am local time. Find Nike Outlet hours of operation near you.

Occasionally there are some grails that can be found at Nike Outlets. Unfortunately, Nike Outlets don't post or advertise when they get in Jordans, Off-Whites, or other hype sneakers. We suggest going into your local Nike Outlet and checking regularly to increase the chances of finding some heat!

Jordan 11 Platinum Tint at Nike Outlets
Jordan 11 Platinum Tint at Nike Outlets

Do Nike Outlets carry new releases?

The short answer is no, Nike Outlets traditionally do not carry new releases on launch days etc. New releases are usually reserved for Nike’s in-line stores. However, from time-to-time, some Nike Outlets do get launch products, sometimes on the same day as regular retailers and sometimes a few weeks to months later. While Nike Outlets are typically thought out to be a discounted market, many products still show up at retail price, especially if it is a new release.

Is everything on sale at Nike Outlets?

No, not everything is on sale at Nike Outlets. With the supply and demand for products becoming harder to come by due to worldwide shipping issues along with a global pandemic, many products at Nike Outlets have begun to come in at full retail price rather than being on sale or discounted. These days it is common to see most products at full price rather than on sale in Nike Outlets. However, there are still sales and deals to be had.

Products can be marked down as low as 70%, but it is more common to see discounts of 50% or less. Don't expect to get deep discounts on the latest Jordans or this year's signature sneakers. To score the best deals be sure to show up at the Nike Outlets at 10am local time, right when they open.

60% off at Nike Outlet
60% off at Nike Outlet

What is Nike Friends & FamilyPass?

Most people don't know this, but you can receive up to 30% on top of any other discounts at the Nike Outlet by getting a Nike Friends & FamilyPass. Friends & FamilyPasses are randomly sent out every season to Nike+ Members. To be eligible for the Friends & FamilyPass holder sign up for Nike+ now for the chance of securing- an additional 30% off purchases, additional discounts, and special offers. So you never miss out on this opportunity be sure to download the Sole Retriever app to be alerted when Friends and FamilyPasses access is being sent out.

Nike Friends & FamilyPass card
Nike Friends & FamilyPass card

Can you order online from Nike Outlets?

While you can no longer place phone orders or do store-to-store transfers for products, a new program called BOPIS is available to Nike+ members who have the Nike app downloaded on their mobile device. BOPIS stands for: Buy Online Pickup In Store. When you open your Nike app, you can pick to shop either Nike’s online web store or your local Nike Outlet. If you choose to shop a Nike Outlet, it will provide you with inventory specific to that location where you can purchase products and then pick them up in-store. Similar to other retailers, once you place an order you will receive a confirmation e-mail. A follow-up e-mail, usually within a few hours depending on the time you placed you order will provide you with details on how you can pick up your order at your local Nike Outlet.

For more information on Nike Outlets, contact Nike’s Customer Service department or visit your local store.

Nike Outlet offers buy online pick up in-store for Nike+ members
Nike Outlet offers buy online pick up in-store for Nike+ members

Additional Nike Outlet Tips and Tricks

  1. Sign up for Nike+ for exclusive deals, offers, and the chance at getting Nike Friends & FamilyPass
  2. If you find something you like and don't find your size, ask a store associate to check the back and online inventory
  3. Go to Nike Outlets as soon as they open - 10am local time
  4. Ask about returned items behind the counter - there are times people return their SNKRS W's
  5. If you want a Nike shoe box with the lid, ask an associate
  6. Negotiate a discount if you find sneakers and apparel with imperfections, scuffs or missing accessories
  7. Skip the 25% off Black Friday Sale - it's crowded and the items left are usually not worth it
  8. Nike Outlets will accept returns of any Nike product whether it was bought there or not as long as it is returned within 60-days of purchase
  9. Military and students are eligible for an extra 10% off, just be able to show proof
  10. Follow your local Nike Factory Store for updates on sales and new inventory
  11. The Hash Wall located in the back of every Nike Outlet is where you can find the best deals
Sneakers behind the counter at Nike Outlet
Sneakers behind the counter at Nike Outlet

Our take on Nike Outlets

Nike Outlets are great for finding steals and sometimes hype collaborations, Jordans, and other retros. It is important to note that there are no guarantees when visiting a Nike Outlet. Stock, selection, and availability is dependent on location. We do suggest going to the outlets as soon as they open to see the latest stock!

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