Futura Laboratories

Futura Laboratories

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Futura Laboratories is a design company and lifestyle brand created by the renowned street artist Leonard McGurr better known by his artist name Futura (also known as Futura 2000). Futura has been a pivotal figure in the evolution of graffiti and street art since the 1970s. Emerging from his early days of tagging New York subway trains, Futura has constantly reinvented his style and approach, pioneering abstract styles of graffiti that have bridged the gap between street art and gallery exhibitions. His influence extends beyond the canvas to fashion and design, where Futura Laboratories serves as a platform for his creative ventures. Find Futura's latest projects with Nike, Converse, Crocs, and more!

Futura Laboratories Sneaker Releases and Raffles

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Is Futura Laboratories legit?

Futura Laboratories is a legitimate retailer that carries authentic sneakers from . When purchasing make sure to verify that the store has the domain: https://futuralaboratories.com/.

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