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June 1, 2022
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Ye Files For Trademarks Involving Yeezus

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The trademark filing for “Yeezus” includes use for NFTs, cryptocurrency, and more.


2013 was a unique era for Ye and his legacy, releasing and touring his 6th studio album “Yeezus” to mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, publicly feuding with Nike, and taking part in wild interviews that spawned viral clips still viewed to this day. Originally, the Yeezus moniker was not only a nickname and title for his latest album, but intended to be used for a streetwear-esque brand that would have included skate gear, clothing, and accessories. We saw a semi-launch of the brand through the clothing in association with the Yeezus album and tour releasing at pop-up shops, tour stops, and even select pieces exclusive to PacSun. Fast forward almost a decade and it appears that the Yeezus brand is still in the works with recent trademark filings by Ye and his team becoming public.

Filed on May 27th, the trademark filing for Yeezus includes the Metallica-inspired logo that many of the tour merch pieces featured, amusement parks, retail stores both online and in-store, clothing, household items, and much, much more. It appears that Ye wants to secure the Yeezus brand for use in every field of business as the full filing includes mentions of the music industry, video games, films, televisions shows, and even the Metaverse with its mention of cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Ironic considering that at the beginning of 2022 Ye took to Instagram to denounce NFTs, writing on a sheet of paper “MY FOCUS IS ON BUILDING REAL PRODUTS IN THE REAL WORLD REAL FOOD REAL CLOTHES REAL SHELTER DO NOT ASK ME TO DO A FUCKING NFT YE ASK ME LATER.” While securing the right to create an NFT under the trademark Yeezus doesn't necessarily indicate one is soon to come, it does lead one to believe that Ye’s opinion on NFTs may have changed.

Countless endeavors from Ye have ended up not coming to fruition, so these filings more or less protect the “Yeezus” name from being used by others. What the future will hold for Ye and this filing, only time will tell. For updates on this trademark and more, keep it locked to our Twitter and Mobile App to stay up to date on future releases.

Images via uspto

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