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April 10, 2022
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Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 8 - Spring Tees

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Supreme Spring Summer 2022 Week 8 features Spring Tees.

Supreme Spring Summer 22 Week 8

Spring has sprung and so has Supreme's SS22 Week 8 Spring Tees. As part of Supreme Week 8 Spring Summer 22 dropping Thursday, April 14th, we are expected to see 5 brand new graphic Tees which include a brand new Box Logo Tee. With Ralph Steadman designed tees, Lil' Kim artist tee, and of course a Box Logo, expect some serious hype and quick sellout times for Supreme SS22 Week 8. In addition to the Spring Tees, SS22 Week 8 will also include a variety of lookbook items and a 10-pack of magnets featuring Supreme's most sought after collectibles throughout the year.

We will be providing a full breakdown of what's dropping, retail prices, and more Supreme Week 8 news so stay tuned! Be sure to keep it locked to our Twitter and Mobile App, to stay up to date on future Spring/Summer Supreme releases.

Supreme Week 8 - Key dates and times

- Supreme in-store sign ups April 12th at 11am EST 

- Dropping in store and online April 14th at 11am EST/5pm CET in the US and EU

Supreme Week 8 - Retails

Supreme Spring Tees

- Alien Tee: $40

- Person Tee: $40

- Lil Kim Tee: $48

- Top Shotta Tee: $40

- Still Talking Tee: $40

- Pretty Fucked Tee: $40

- Ralph Steadman Skull Tee: $44

- Ralph Steadman Box Logo Tee: $44

Lookbook items

- Tartan Wool Suit: $598

- Full Zip Face Mask Jacket: $198

- Beaded Hooded Sweatshirt: $168

- Micro Logo Hooded Sweatshirt: $158

- Lil Kim S/S Shirt: $138

- Small Box Shirt: $58

- S/S Pocket Tee: $60

- Mesh Panel S/S Top: $88

- Waves Zip Pullover: $98

- Small Box Shirt: $128

- Chenille 6-Panel: $54

- Fat Tip Jacquard Denim Crusher: $58

- Bad Pin: $8

- Magnets (10 Pack): $32

- Lil Kim Skateboard: $68

- Logo Zippo: $48

Supreme SS22 Week 8 Spring Tees - Ralph Steadman Box Logo Tee, Ralph Steadman, Skull Tee, Lil Kim Tee, Alien Tee, Top Shotta Tee, Person Tee, Still Talking Tee, Pretty Fucked Tee.
Full Zip Facemask Jacket, Tartan Wool Suit, Beaded Hooded Sweatshirt, Micro Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Small Box Shirt, Waves Pullover, S/S Pocket Tee, Mesh Panel S/S Top, Lil Kim S/S Shirt
Magnets (10 Pack), Bad Pin, Lil Kim Skateboard
Small Box Shirt, Chenille 6-Panel, Fat Tip Jacquard Denim Crusher

Image via frosty_beverages

Ralph Steadman Designed Supreme Box Logo Sticker

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