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February 23, 2022
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Everything Ye Was Wearing During DONDA 2

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Kanye’s all-black dystopian look was on full display during DONDA 2 performance.

Yeezy Donda 2 Outfit

During his performance/listening party for Donda 2, dubbed the Donda Experience, Kanye was able to captivate both musically and visually. Afterwards, many were left wondering when the full album would be delivered. While we don’t know when the full twenty-two song album is set to release through his Stem Player platform, we do have a breakdown on the outfit the man of the hour was rocking during his avant-garde performance.

Ye recently dressed in hoodies, jean jackets and his own Yeezy Gap Round Jacket leading up to his performance. For the Tuesday-night listening party,  Kanye opted for a custom approach. Greg Ross, one of Kanye’s many designers, helped design this custom black latex Moto jacket in collaboration with BustedBrand, an LA based latex and lingerie boutique. 

Gloves have been a staple in Kanye’s outfits of late. Unlike his performance in December with Drake, for this performance, Kanye chose a more monochromatic look - as can be seen through the Alphatec Ansell Butyl Rubber Gloves he wore on-stage. 

For his pants, it appears Ye is  wearing a custom pair of Balenciaga leather pants. Similar to a pair that was shown on his Instagram just days before the show, it also resembles a silhouette seen in his lookbook for the upcoming Yeezy Gap Engineered By Balenciaga.

The shoes may be the most interesting and hardest-to-pin-down piece in his outfit. While having a very similar shape and sole to his favorite Balenciaga Crocs Boots, the pair he showcased on Tuesday night lacks branding or perforations on the forefoot. Just like the pants, the sneakers have similar elements to the footwear seen in the lookbook for Yeezy Gap Engineered By Balenciaga. It’s safe to assume that this is possibly a sample for the upcoming collection, which is currently available for preorder on FarFetch and expected to fully release later this summer.

While many may disagree with Kanye’s recent antics, one cannot deny his sense for fashion and design. Taking the all-black and dystopian look to an extreme, it’s hard to imagine anyone else pulling off this outfit.  His future in fashion seems bright with Balenciaga forming a trifecta between his own Yeezy brand and GAP. To stay informed on all things in the fashion and footwear world, including Kanye’s latest Yeezy GAP releases, keep it locked to our Twitter and download the Sole Retriever mobile app.

Image via dondacreative

Images via 331des

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