A Message From Sole Retriever

Running this site and our social media outlets is something we sincerely enjoy, especially when we see people getting a W via the site or even when someone mentions how much they love what we do! However, it takes a TON of effort to put these raffles together – with constant monitoring for details going live, closing, changing, and keeping you guys updated with said info. Unfortunately, the site and effort doesn’t come for free.

The last thing we want is to affect the experience of the user so we have therefore decided the best approach is to enroll in some affiliate programs. This way we cover our costs without having an impact on our users, the people reading this!

Below are the websites we are affiliated with. By clicking through these links and buying something from the site, you show your support via a small commission percentage given to us (differing by retailer). If you were planning on buying something anyway and feel like showing your support then by all means click through one of the links below. If not then that’s fine! Enjoy the site and we hope you get the W you’re looking for!

Keep those tails wagging!

Sole Retriever 🐶