Jordan Sneakers and Releases in 2021

Jordan Brand was founded in 1997 as a sub brand of Nike, launched to help elevate Michael Jordan’s legacy a step further. It was put in place to continue the Air Jordan legacy that had been built twelve years prior, when the Air Jordan 1 made its debut in 1985.

With the start of Jordan Brand, the company signed their first athletes to endorse the brand. Collectively known as Team Jordan, that list included former NBA players: Vin Baker, Ray Allen, Michael Finley, Eddie Jones and Derek Anderson. While none of the players originally had signature sneakers, they all supported the brand with player exclusives and GRs of Air Jordan signature sneakers as well as usher in new silhouettes for the Team Jordan line.

In 1999, Jordan Brand began its Retro line which still going strong to this day. To date, Air Jordan’s 1 thru 19 have been re-released along with the 23. In 2008, Jordan Brand celebrated the 23rd Anniversary of the birth of the Air Jordan line with an eleven set 2-shoe Collezione series that featured two Air Jordan sneakers packaged with one another where the sum of the models equaled the number twenty-three (ie 30/20, 4/19, 6/17, 11/12).

Twenty plus years since its inception, Jordan Brand continues to be a strong force in footwear, with billion dollar earnings and continued cultural popularity worldwide.